Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I blogged to you all. As you can imagine its been very hectic lately!

Ever since starting this role, I’ve grown to appreciate the many different areas of digital that can affect so many people in many ways that connectivity enables. One such area is Coding.

Right now, by reading this post on your computer, you will have experienced coding on so many levels without maybe even knowing it! From the binary your computer utilises, through to the html and JavaScript on various internet pages, Coding is the virtual building blocks that create the many applications, games, websites we use and rely on daily.

Now your probably thinking that that’s pretty cool but why am I interested? Well since working among the digitals and techies of this world, I have picked up on how much of a skills shortage coding is undergoing at this very moment. When you consider how dependent we are on this medium for information, it seems unbelievable that we’d have such problems but its true, last week I spoke to a local app developer who confirmed that they were struggling to employ people with basic coding skills!

With the infrastructure now in, or going into the ground across the city, we realise the emphasis of our team have to evolve with the programme from infrastructure to people.

With all of this in mind we want to generate a bit of a buzz in the city for Code Clubs, which is why I’m really proud to announce a free Code Club event on the 28th at the Explore Centre for children between 10-16 to attend!

The club will have coding sessions run every hour, a session to learn about Raspberry Pi’s and some great competitions with fantastic prizes secured from local supporters (X Factor Final tickets or work experience with a local app developer anyone?).

To book your child’s place, please visit the Eventbrite page as places are fast running out!