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An appeal for #CodeYork - We need your help!

09 December 2015

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Hi everyone

We’re all now in the final run in of the year (though many of the shops would disagree judging from how long their decorations have been out) where pumpkins and fireworks make way for tinsel and turkey (however as one of my colleagues points out, if your not careful with your Turkey, it can have a similar after effect as one of the latter items).

Once again I come to you all with an appeal from #CodeYork. I’d like to start by thanking those of you who responded to my last blog about this as your kind offers of help are very much appreciated. If you haven’t already, I urge you to read that blog and in this season of good tidings and giving, please to give what help you can to educating York’s many school children.

This time, I’d like to delve into the volunteer side of our programme, probably one of the most important aspects.

As I have mentioned before, we want to ensure that this programme reaches out to as many York children, teenagers and adults as possible and in order to do that we need more and more clubs and classes which means...

We want you! (Yes, I am pointing my finger out at all of you!... minus the tache and navy commander gear obviously!)

We need people who can code! People who can’t but want to code! People who can teach! And enthusiastic individuals!

We need you guys to help us get this out into the schools! We will teach them code in Huntington, and we will teach them code in the Groves, we will teach them code in the city centre and we will teach them code in Heslington! We will never surrender! Schools in central York, outer York, rural York... From Strensall to Bishopthorpe and all in between! We need you to volunteer to help run clubs, to lead clubs, to start up clubs and to contribute your time and your passion to help others in your community!

But what’s in it for you? Well:

  • Volunteer experience!

  • Improved or new code skills!

  • Something to put onto your CV!

A nice shiny certificate to keep to prove you played your part in the #CodeYork revolution!

But mostly importantly of all...that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing you’ve just made a huge contribution to York’s future and to your community and that’s what really matters at the end of the day, the thing that drives us and this project onwards: the betterment of York.

So please contact me today, get in touch and sign up now and help us in our aim to not only get code out to every school, but also to help the betterment of York.

Lindsay Wilkinson | Digital City Executive | ICT
t: 01904 551091 | m: 07879 415784 | e: [email protected]

City of York Council  | Digital York | West Offices  | York | Y01 6GA | | Twitter @YorkDigitalCity


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