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Rural Broadband Programme

The City of York Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority have agreed a £13million contract with BT to deliver superfast fibre broadband to more areas of Outer York.


Funding for the project includes £6.89m from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and £6.1m from BT, with the remainder of the funding to be made up by WYCA and its local authority partners.


Detailed survey and planning work has begun in key roll out areas. We will communicate news on ‘where and when’ to local residents as soon as updates are available.


The infrastructure build is expected to commence in the New Year with an estimated completion by the end of 2018. Keep checking this website for more details. (or sign up for our e-newsletter by providing your email below).


Frequently Asked Questions on the Rural Broadband Programme

Over the last couple of months we’ve had a number of queries on the programme and we’re keen to keep everyone up to date. Here are some of the frequently asked questions below.


Q: City of York Council have withdrawn from the Superfast North Yorkshire scheme – does this mean I won’t receive access to superfast broadband?


A: City of York Council left the Superfast North Yorkshire programme in order to join Phase 2 of the West Yorkshire programme. This decision was made in the interests of ensuring the best possible coverage for York overall. Please see here for press coverage of the signing of the contract.


Q: I don’t live in Rural / Outer York but my broadband is poor. Will I benefit from the programme?


A: This is a rural programme targeted at outer areas of York only. Connectivity in central York is generally good, with various providers offering their services. To establish coverage options, we recommend residents in the centre of York contact network providers such as Openreach, UltraFibreOptic or Virgin Media.


Q: How will thetimetable for the roll out be decided?


A: This will be decided by BT Openreach during the survey phase. As taxpayers’ money has been invested in the programme, decisions are taken on a ‘value for money’ basis, considering the number of premises reached against the cost of rolling out fibre. Areas with a close proximity to a major network ‘spine’ will inevitably be reached first as the network expands outwards.


Q: My village has recently been approached by a provider of alternative broadband services and it has been suggested that we will not receive access to superfast broadband for three years. Is this true?


A: The programme will commence in early 2016 with an anticipated completion by the end of 2018. The roll out of superfast fibre broadband is a complex process, which can take time to deploy. However, as mentioned above, the coverage order has not yet been decided.


If residents are considering alternative broadband provision then clearly it’s up to them to decide whether or not to take up that option. We are working to deliver fibre broadband to these areas and there are various factors to consider such as speed, pricing and of course, availability. A superfast fibre network will mean a range of providers will be offering services at various different prices, so overall the competition between products will be a good thing for consumers.

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